Green or Black. Always delicious. 

Whole, Pitted, Sliced, Chopped, With Spices. Argentine Origin with high quality and great flavor.

Available in packaging for Retail (Doypack, Permapack, Sachet, Glass Jar) and HORECA.

We produce these options under our own brands and private-label.


SAVOURY SPREADS, perfect for beef, fish, chicken, pork, pasta and seafood. 

Shoyu, Garlic, Chili, Mushroom and "Chimichurri", a typical Argentine dressing (natural, smoked and spicy) ideal for barbecues and roast beef. 

Available in glass or PET. 

For retail, food-service and HORECA, with our own brands as well as private label. 


Fruity and delicious. Their intense flavor and alluring texture make them perfect to go with toasts and croissants in breakfasts.

Ideal for fresh desserts. Combined with cheese, milkcream, fresh fruit, mousse or nuts they become a gourmet temptation.

Flavors: sweet potato & vanilla - sweet potato & vanilla with chocolate - quince - pumpkin.

Traditional and Light.

Available in 700gr cans and 500gr sachet. Also in 5kg can for food service.


Wonderfully tasty!

Based on traditional Italian recipes, they are elaborated with selected tomatoes and fresh spices.

A feast of flavors in your pasta, stews, meat loaf and vegetable pies.

Fileto - Pomarolla - Napolitana - Portuguese - Pizza

Natural and Light, In 360 gr glass jars


Delicious gherkins, little onions, bell pepper, chilli peppers and a mildly flavored vinegar make a real feast for senses.

Available in different packaging to offer a solution for everyone: doypack, permapack, glass jar, plastic drum. From 160gr to 7kg. All requirements can be met, yet for retail, catering, food-service as well as for wholesale. High quality always intact.